Wednesday announcement
  • Reminder that school starts at 8:00 am.  Middle and High school students after 4 tardies you stay after school.
  • Phones for seniors are privileges  so after 4 tardies and also any missing assignments you will loose your phones.  Everyone else needs to be in a pouch.  Any broken pouch please bring to Mr. Leberman along with phone.  Broken pouches need to be paid for.
  • After Prom forms are at the office.  You can turn in and pick up all prom forms at the office.  
  • Happy Birthday to: Mckenna O.
  • Dates to Remember: March 24 - School Snow Make up day, March 29 - Preschool Dial Screening, March 31 - School Snow Make up day, April 6 - Early dismissal, April 7 - No School, April 10 - No School, April 14 - School in Session, April 15 - Prom
  • Joke: What runs but never goes anywhere?
    • Answer: a refrigerator