Down Syndrome Day
  • Reminder school starts at 8:00, for middle and high school if you get 4 late marks it will be an after school time.
  • Lunch changes - today is Tator tot casserole, Wednesday is Chicken and Waffle, Thursday is Corn Dogs, Friday is Cheese Pizza
  • Down Syndrome awareness day so it is crazy socks 
  • Reminder there is school this Friday and next Friday
  • Happy Birthday to: Michael B.
  • Dates to Remember:  March 24 - School Snow Make up day, March 29 - Preschool Dial Screening, March 31 - School Snow Make up day, April 6 - Early dismissal, April 7 - No School, April 10 - No School, April 14 - School in Session, April 15 - Prom
  • Trivia: How many minutes are in one day?
    • Winner - 2nd Grade 
    • Answer: 1440 Minutes are in one day (Don't waste a single one)