One-Act Play

2023-2024 One Act Play

"Elephant's Graveyard" by Samuel French

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Ringmaster (Charlie Sparks)
Ballet Girl
Tour Manager
Strong Man
Hungry Townsperson
Muddy Townsperson
Steam Shovel Operator
Young Townsperson
Railroad Engineer
Guitar Player


Assistant Director(s)
Stage Manager(s)
Props Manager:
Directors: Sarah Schanzenbach and Nicolle Timmerman

2022-2023 One Act Play

"Furry Tails With a Twist" by Jennifer Hickok DeFratis

Rehearsal & Performance Schedule


Sam – Isabelle McConniel
Alex – Alexa Gortmaker
Goldisocks – Jackson Donlan
Papa Wolf – Finley McConniel
Mama Wolf – Macy Gortmaker
Baby Wolf – Caden Tieszen
Grumbledump – Alex Larsen-Klueber
Little Troll – Emma McConniel
Medium Troll – Leah Goodwin
Large Troll – Turner Konda
Billy Goat – Kolter Schmidt
Mama Bear – Hadley Luke
Papa Bear – Harli Ross
Baby Bear – Morgan Tieszen
Mama Pig - Kallie Johnson
Little Goat – Sarah Cremer
Medium Goat – Anna Olson
Big Goat – Claire Donlan
Wolf – Aaron Davis
Troll – Molli Davis

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Boys and girls preforming
2022 One Act students on stage


The 2021-22 One-Act Cast and Crew presented Always Bella, by Kendra Thomas. This is a lighthearted teen drama about the values of compassion and virtue that tackles the issues of bullying and friendship. On January 25 the cast and crew performed in the South Dakota Region 3B One-Act Competition in Madison, South Dakota and were selected as one of two schools from the region to move on to the State Competition. This is the first time a Marion One-Act ensemble has been chosen for State Competition. Four students received outstanding actor awards: Alexa Gortmaker, Ally Bethke, José Lastra, and Emma McConniel. The State Festival Competition was held at Rapid City Central High School on February 3-5, 2022. Although they did not receive an all-around superior, the cast was able to perform in a large, beautiful theater with a receptive audience. Alexa Gortmaker received an all-around individual super for her acting.

Students participating in Always Bella were seniors Allie Bethke, Dylan Johansen and Donté Butler, juniors Leah Goodwin, Alex Larsen, Skylar Hopkins and Molli Davis, sophomores Alexa Gortmaker, Isabelle McConniel, Hadley Luke, José Lastra and Lester Richards-Hanson, freshman Emma McConniel, and seventh grader Hailey Reutter. Marion's One-Act was under the direction of Marion High School English teacher Sarah Schanzenbach, assisted by Nicolle Timmerman.

State Festival Cast and Crew
Announcer - Alex Larsen
Katie - Emma McConniel
Bella - Alexa Gortmaker
Robin - Leah Goodwin
Lynn - Hadley Luke
Ashanti - Hailey Reutter
Ava - Isabelle McConniel
Mia - Ally Bethke
Rob - José Gonzalez
Principal - Skylar Hopkins
Bart - Skylar Hopkins

Lights - Lester Richards-Hanson
Lights - Alex Larsen